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Why do we recommend Bees Wax instead of paraffin?

As we all know, all candles begin with wax. However nowadays there are many types of different waxes used in candle making and many of them can be detrimental to our health when burned. Most candles on the market are paraffin, which is a petroleum-based product. Those scented or colored paraffin candles are no more than disguised petrol fumes, setting the scene for highly polluted indoor air, which can aggravate existing respiratory conditions such as asthma.  Of course, it is very cheap to manufacture paraffin wax and a result the price of such candles is very low, however many of them are safer to use as decorations than to burn.  We also see many lovely looking gel wax candles out there. However, gel wax is the same petroleum turned into a jelly with a gelliant. The fumes of both – paraffin and gel wax can contain formaldehyde, acetaldehyde and unhealthy particles of soot.

Many wicks also contain a metal to keep the wick vertical; lead is now banned and instead zinc or tin is added. So what’s the solution? Try natural wax candles.

Natural waxes come from plants such as palms or soya beans and beeswaxes are made by bees from nectar. Beeswax was always used in candle-making until the manufacture of paraffin became much cheaper. Beeswaxes are produced locally in Ireland and Europe which supports our local market and our beekeepers.

For optimum health, burn natural plant and beeswax candles, as those are clean- burning. Burn candles with cotton wicks with no metal, burn hard wax candles.  WarmCandle.com has a wonderful range of beeswax candles (100% beeswax, 100% cotton wick) for everybody’s desire.

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