Beeswax Candles vs Paraffin Candles

Do you have a paraffin candle at home? You must read this… 1  🙄 Originate from a renewable fuel – beeswax. Originate from a non-renewable resource – petroleum.   2  👿 Created by the bees, 100% natural, entirely chemical-free. Oldest … Continued

About the colour of beeswax candles: why can it vary so much?

Beeswax varies a great deal in color. Natural beeswax can range from creamy white to bright yellow, orange, pink and even dark brown. This is due in part to: The type of flowers the bees have been foraging on. The … Continued

Our Angel Candle Photoshoot that was inspired by the beautiful quote

I have kids myself and I found this quote so touching that it inspired Today’s photoshoot with our Angel Candle: “A daughter will hold your Hand for a little while.. But hold your Heart for a lifetime..” By the way, … Continued