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Beeswax Unique hand-rolled rustic wedding candle set “Leaves”


If you are looking for an original and rustic wedding candle set idea that will leave only lovely memories of your special day look no further than our lovely handmade beeswax honeycomb rolls.

A unity candle is a symbolic part of your wedding ceremony and the wedding candle represents the joining of two people.

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The unity honeycomb pillar is 26 cm tall and 5.5-6 cm wide.

The honeycomb tapers are 20 cm tall and 2-2.2 cm wide.


IMPORTANT HoneyComb Pillar Candle burns longer if you follow the Burning Instruction and burn it intermittently.

ALWAYS remove decorations before long burning.

You think there is no difference between the cheap candles from the supermarket and a beeswax candle?  Think again! First of all, with a beeswax candle, you are not poisoning yourself with the toxins cheaper candles can release into the air. Beeswax candles burn cleanly. In fact, beeswax candles help cleanse the air from mold spores (which is a big problem in many Irish houses), odors and other floating nastiness. Secondly, pure bees wax candles with their delightful sweet fragrance burn more efficiently resulting in longer burn times (and thus providing better value for money). And finally, Bees wax candles produce a natural glow that is closest to sunlight and give off more light than other wax candles.


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