Here I would like to feature my angel-themed candles – The Comb with Angel and the Little Angel one. The Comb with Angel is very beautiful honeycomb candle with an angel ornament on it. It has a prolonged burning time because I made them in a bit different way.

The Little Angel is very cute little candle that is actually quite a pity to burn.

Angel ornaments are perfect for decorating a tree, table setting, or even window displays during the holidays, or for year round use. For the different seasons of the year, other than Christmas, these angels can be used as a memento of serenity, safety, or to help create a gentle mood in a room. It would also make a lovely handmade decoration in a little baby’s room or as a gift to a child or an expectant mother.

  • Candles Used: Little Angel, Comb with Angel
  • Material: 100% Pure Beeswax
  • Produced: Ireland, EU
  • Production Type: Handmade