Burning pure beeswax candles adds some ambiance to your home. However this is not the only advantage. Beeswax releases negative ions in the air, and as it does, it clears the air of “energetic static” in the same way that a rainstorm seems to “clean” the air. You can try this when you just want to feel cozy and warm, when  you are alone, with a book or your thoughts. This can also be an excellent addition to your SPA rituals or when you simply want to relax. After all time is the biggest luxury we can give to ourselves.

  • Candles Used: Little Angel, Plain Taper, Comb Spire, Spiral, Comb with Angel, Harvest, Lilly and Rose Pillar
  • Material: 100% Pure Beeswax
  • Produced: Ireland, EU
  • Production Type: Handmade