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Candle display Ideas for Home Decoration

Interior design at its best sculpts light and color. It goes beyond mere decorating to tease the senses with depth and texture.

Well-designed lighting can change a rather dismal waiting room feeling into a welcoming atmosphere at very little cost. In the home you need three categories of light:

General lighting which is the main light that we use to see properly without bumping into our furniture

Task lighting is for working only and should be directed onto work surfaces or places where a good light is needed for activities like reading or sewing.

Decorative lighting is not purely functional but is always used as an “added bonus” to throw the cosy and welcoming look at the indoor interior.  It is also sometimes used to highlight objects, pictures, plants or interesting architectural features.

Decorative lighting should add a feeling of wellbeing and interest to an already efficient lighting scheme.  Decorative lighting can be achieved with traditional electricity lamps or smartly displayed candles.

Candles have transformed from being just a necessary light source to adding character to your décor as they give us an easy and inexpensive way to decorate without breaking our bank account. There are so many way to decorate your space with candles. Above in the slider there are a few tips to help you create a stunning candle display in your home.*


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