The perfect and healthy Valentine Day’s Present

Beeswax is the most natural of candle waxes. Most other ‘natural’ candle waxes need additives or hydrogenation before they can be turned into functioning candles. They also have environmental consequences. Here you can read more about paraffin candles and their hazards over here.

Valentine Day, Gift, pillar candle, warm, yellow, decorated with perl bracelet

There are so many reasons for us to choose beeswax candles. Here goes a number of health benefits:

  • 100% natural bees product
  • Non-toxic
  • Long burning time without additives
  • Burning beeswax candles are a natural air cleaner that produces negative ions
  • Burning a pure beeswax candle before bed helps to achieve a more restful sleep
  • Your home will smell of honey
  • Have a warm glow often compared to sunlight to create ambiance

Feel safe in knowing that besides being lovely and decorative in your home these candles benefiting you in ways you might not have realized. Breathe deeply and feel how clean and fresh the air is in your home after they have been burning for an hour or so. This is especially important at a time when doors or windows are kept shut most of the time to conserve heat.

One more good reason to burn beeswax candles – at a time when we need healthy honey bees, using beeswax supports hard working beekeepers. Without the honey bees to pollinate food crops and the beekeepers to care for them our food supply is in trouble.

Go on – treat yourself to an affordable eco-friendly luxury! Or when you are buying beeswax candles as gifts for others treat. You know you and your loved ones deserve the best! So treat them to a lovely beeswax candle for the Valentines day. Here you can find the full range of our purest beeswax candles. 

NOTE: Never leave burning candles unattended. No candle is free of maintenance. Read more about candle safety on our blog.

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