• feng shui bagua map for candle and candle holders placing & decoration at home

Feng Shui Bagua Map for the Right Candles & Candle Holders Placing at Home

The process of harmonizing your home with candles begins at the entrance of  your home – the mouth of chi. It then moves through the predetermined way through home until it reaches its conclusion. We focus on an aspect of our lives that we want to stimulate or change. To do this we can use the certain rules of controlling different energies (fire, earth, water, metal and wood) of the universe and making them work for us. If we look at this from the psychological side of view, focusing on an area enables us to unconsciously create the circumstances to bring about change.

How do you use the Feng Shui Bagua Map?

So first of all you stand in the main entrance facing the room. According to the map above you indicate the area where your entrance is (it will usually be either Wisdom, Career or the Helpful People areas). Then indicate other areas in the room by holding the bagua map with the Wisdom/Career/Helpful people sections facing you and parallel to the main entryway wall.Once  you have identified all areas in your room, place elements of an area’s corresponding element to enhance that area’s aspiration.

Slim Spiral Tapper Beeswax Candles with a Cute Cat SculptureFor example, place the tall Honeycomb Spire candle in the Fame, Reputation & Social Life section or two spiral tappers at the Carrier section to enhance your success in this area. To promote and gain more wealth, spirituality and prosperity use the classic tapper candles in the top left hand side (purple) area and if you wish to attract the other half, you should place ceramic candle holders in the Marriage, Relationship and Partnership areas. The middle area of the room can also be decorated with warmly yellow beeswax candles but they should be placed in clay or porcelain candle holders.

Note, that you do not necessarily have to follow all rules from the above. However when we introduce Feng Shui into our lives you can only benefit – even where you only touch the surface.

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