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What is aromatherapy?

Aromathoilburner with candle aromatherapyerapy is the use of any aroma for a beneficial purpose. Not all aromas are pleasant. Some of them may warn us of physical danger (like something is on fire or something is rotten), so that it could help our health in a preventive way. However using aromas positively and beneficially is therapeutic. Let say walking in a pine forest or a rose garden can be uplifting.

To get the maximum beneficial effect of aromas in our home or even at the job we can get the essential oils of plants stored in dark glass bottles, waiting for the moment when we need them.  Alone or mixed with a carrier oils they can be used in massage therapy, on your skin or hair, in the bath or simply with vaporizers/oil burners. Most of the oil burners used have candle bellow the ceramic bow.

Here are some important tips to follow when using aromatherapy oil burners:

– Make sure that the candle underneath is natural if you want a 100% healthy and safe aromatherapy experience;

– Make sure to top up water and add more essence when the first lot has faded in aroma;

– If you are pregnant make sure to read more info about the oil you are going to use as not all of them are safe to you. Actually it is advisable not to use any essential oils for the first two or three months (12 weeks) of pregnancy.

It is generally worth reading more about different oils and different beneficial features they hold before trying aromatherapy.

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