Quote about Daughter with the angel candle

Our Angel Candle Photoshoot that was inspired by the beautiful quote

I have kids myself and I found this quote so touching that it inspired Today’s photoshoot with our Angel Candle:

“A daughter will hold your Hand for a little while.. But hold your Heart for a lifetime..”

By the way, a very interesting study of 2,116 parents of children aged 16 and under, revealed, that having two girls is the best combination for the most harmonious family life, or at least that was how the majority of the parents thought. The most popular benefits that the parents outline were the noise levels being generally lower, girls’ genuine interest in helping around the house and their nice behavior. Having two daughters and a son myself I can not say that I totally agree with this statement however I think that there might be some truth behind the study.

Please share your thoughts – do you have a set idea about the combination of children that would make up your ideal family unit? and if yes – what would it be?


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