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The begin of our story starts on 1993, when we made our first beeswax candle. Oh, it was ages ago… The Warmcandle.com was born on 2014 and started as a small “kitchen table” type of candle making business in the south side of Dublin, Clonskeagh, Ireland.

Today we are a small friendly international team of Irish-French-Lithuanian, working in Dublin (Ireland) and Vilnius (Lithuania).


However we are growing everyday to bring the warm flame of a beeswax candle to every home.

We’re committed to use only the highest quality industry approved non – toxic raw materials, lead free wicks and natural 100% pure beeswax. Our ingredients are Eco-friendly, and we never test on animals. And we always keep our promise.

So pick a candle you love and start your own little glowing magic at home!

Warm wishes –
WarmCandle.com team


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