What our customers tell us about our beeswax candles

What our customers tell us about our beeswax candles

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We often receive a great feedback from our customers. It is usually about how beautifully our beeswax candles burn, how long the burning lasts or how fast and awesome our customer service is. Sometimes people also tell us that they have switched to beeswax recently because of a recommendation from a friend or something positive they have read about it. Typically these customers‘ comments are:

Sophie Bel
@WarmCandleCom Your beautiful candles arrived today, thank you, smell divine! “


Danica Shen

„Hey there, Candle maker,

I’m really impressed by all your work and made orders of almost each one of them for my friends and myself“.



Beautiful candles, fast shipping, nicely wrapped, plus a free bonus – thank you!


We usually keep in touch with our customers. So that way, we are able to learn more very interesting things about our own candles. For example, once we had a long and interesting conversation with our customer Mick Shine. We received from him a letter that was a little different and this made us so pleased to have this special comment from him:

„Good evening all,

I started burning Jolanta’s candles last week and I love them. I suffer from Hay Fever that affects my chest and am forced to use an inhaler. Happily four days of burning Jolanta’s candles two hours before bedtime and I haven’t used the inhaler all weekend…….nice one!

I gave Jolanta some feedback on burning times and she reacted very positively to it. I will buy some more this week…..a quality product…..a top quality service……well done to all concerned!

Kind regards



It makes us very happy to hear that people suffering from Hay Fever who love candles can burn Warmcandle  beeswax candles and remain confident that it won’t set off their health.

And here is also something that really surprised us and that we had never thought of before: Chris takes care of rescue dogs and cats. She likes to burn beeswax candles for them.

So, we want to say a great thank you to all of you for all your comments and good words.

We are working hard – but we can see that it’s worth it !!!


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